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episode 226

1. Clapartroach by Blanketship, Summer Set

2. I Get Around by Dondero High School A Capella Choir, Pop Concert 2002

3. Dumb Bush Rush by Electric Kettle, Bedroom Research V2

4. Noviembre 21, 1984 by Naboo, Un Dia Sin Lluvia EP

5. Georgia Peach by Jonas Crenshaw, Jonas Crenshaw’s Colossal Failure

6. In Session by Mothboy (at

7. Point by Moduleset

8. Mimo by Rokoa, Music For Breakfast (at

9. Message From A Peaceful Creature From Another Planet by SEB…, The Untitled (at

10. Saddle Sore And Musically Inept by Ebola and Metronomy Unplugged, Road Rash 2

11. Hope There (Edit) by Antony & The Johnsons, I Am A Bird Now

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episode 225


It’s one of those episodes where all the music has been found in one place. Which is really good for me because it makes this tracklisting a piece of piss and I don’t have to type out and reference all the links.

All them tunes was downloadud frum

And these are them songs:

1. Sleep Mistakes by Soul Of Hex

2. Asteria by Inter Gritty

3. Despertar by Piek feat. Fabel

4. Invisible Hymn by Jon Gurd

5. Chinook by N/UM

6. Blue Eyes / This Romance by Bruno Pronsato

7. First Wave Front by Cubenx

8. Front End by Application

9. Outro by DJ Emerson

10. Collapse by Cabassa

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episode 224

1. Galapagos by Opal Block, Frass FM Compilation

2. Rise by Bing Satellites, Rain

3. Alltaf Eins (El Fog Remix) by Ozy

4. Circulo Numero Seis – El hombre que Piensa by Cinturon Negro, Bad Music For Normal People

5. GHood Life by Yoin, Bidaia Compilation

6. Gossip Dub by Motions, Years Gone By

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episode 223

All of my thanks and gratitude and pleasantries are extended to Mr. Dave of Chub Creek for the introduction.

Go to the following website and enjoy Mr. Dave’s wares:

And once you’ve been there please come back here and play a game of ‘what’s your favourite’ by using this tracklisting and enlisting the help of some friends.

1. Muito Tempo by Frango, Sitting San

2. Culinary Classics by Mini Nifty

3. Eggs Of Length by Datassette

4. Goodbye Dear Old Stepstone by Bonnie Prince Billy, Daytrotter Session

5. Somnambulant by Concentrick, Lucid Dreaming

6. Nousevat by Jari Pitkanen, Lumien

7. Second by Hibiscus, Postrocking

8. I Had Some Shoulders by Kev Hopper, I Saw Spoombung’s Daughter Consumed by Kirby Dots

9. Nineteen Ninety Six by Courtezan

10. Cow Boy by Lycius, Propoganda For Girls

11. I’m Takin’ Over by DJ Assault

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episode 222

Orl dem choons bee fownd from

Hehh ar wot dem choons bee:

1. 00 by BXP

2. 4 Bells by Almeeva

3. BB01 (MANIK 13 Colonies Edit)

4. Bread Bin Bro by Seb Zito

5. Corea by Dief and Baker

6. Corosync (Raiz Remix) by Subversive

7. Cryosleep by Matti Turunen

8. Cleerly Jazz by Cleer Consortium

9. Envelope by Tom Ellis

10. Euterpe by Dino Sabatini & Edit Select

11. Oxhot by Jack Wickham

12. Harken (Archie Hamilton Remix) by Afriqua

13. Haunted by BLAME

14. Interscribe by Jorge Balarezo

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episode 221

Good day to you.

Here is a tracklist for this episode including internet links to where the songs where found, on the internet.


1. K&K (Lovers In The Light) by Bwana, Capsule’s Pride (Bikes)

2. Pan Opticon by Dr. Perceptron

3. Rip n Dip by Aix Perez, Surplus One

4. Me and Daniel Tosh by Froggy Fresh, Money Maker

5. Moon Observations (Henry Saiz Remix) by David Douglas, 2015 Compilation

6. Life Time Loop by Lone, Further Future EP

7. Sakura’s Dream 2 by Clarian, Further Future EP

8. Odham’s Standard by Origamibiro, Denovali Swingfest 2014 Essen Compilation

9. Olive Quarter Eva by Life Sim, A.S.K. – Apocolypse Survival Kit

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episode 220

One for Raena.

Hares thu toons wot wur frum thu Special Netlabel Day Playlist compilation fownd ut

1. Deep Shallows (Cousin Silas) by Csillagkod – Cousin Silas

2. Private Departures by Flooba

3. Safety by IMPRINTING

4. Ajore 1 by Ilir Lluka

5. Parabola Discendente by Paolino Canzoneri

6. Deep Calm Warm Hypnosis by Shambala Networks

An theez wur thu suprize De La Soul toons:

7. Plug Tunin’ by De La Soul, 3 Feet High And Rising

8. Talkin’ Bout Hey Love by De La Soul, De La Soul Is Dead

9. Roller Skating Jam Named ‘Saturdays’ by De La Soul, De La Soul Is Dead

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episode 219

It’s the 10th anniversary episode that’s almost 2 years late.

I bet you’re really excited.

1. Altai by Walls, Urals

2. 9 by Vitalis Popoff, Valley Of The Shadows

3. Bring The Fire by Robs & Duke, Upper Cuts Vol IV

4. Cleft N Twain by Lockah, Donky Pitch: Five

5. Ada Deane by Origamibiro, Denovali Swingfest 2014 Eseen (Festival Sampler)

6. Birthday Dethday by Dethlok, Metalocalypse Soundtrack

7. Is It Love by Jo Def, Love Is King

8. Scratch Piece by Gregory Whitehead

9. You by Nils Frahm, Erased Tapes Collection VI

10. Gak This by Catgut, 5 Sloppy Crimes

11. Escape From Germany by Lazerhawk, Carpenter

12. Hatzumoto Song by Livio & Roby, Meanwhile

13. TJ by Max Ulis & Sergio Levels

14. Serpentine (Clockwork (C/W) Remix) by Avatism, Meanwhile

15. Harr Barbi by Jesus Licks

16. Super Trooper by Dondero High School A Capella Choir, Pop Concert 2002

17. No Salt by Rawkid, BTR 5th Anniversary Vol.1

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episode 218

This lighthearted documentary follows the lives of three single parents and their quest to provide the ultimate pet for their children.


Stay tuned…

1. Rachel Cut by Dean Blunt

2. Luryken XIX by Electribalt, Beneath The Sky

3. Spectral Noise by Inanitas, Another Spheres

4. Come Again Clash Dub by dBridge

5. Commit by ipi, 24 Hours Of Pain – Old Into New

6. Coolest Guys by Froggy Fresh, Money Maker

7. Acid Jam by Alix Perez, Surplus One

8. Being Cleaned by Crepusculo, Being Cleaned

9. RM (Stripped) by Delta Funktionen, Crack Babies Stole My Creme Shirt Part 2

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Caveman and Marvin compilation

In the interests of providing content to try and keep the withering corpse of this podcast alive, myself and Caveman recorded a back-to-back session which I thought might be of interest.

Caveman’s selections are all vinyl and mine are of the usual freely downloaded digital variety.

It’s more a compilation than a mix – most of my transitions are far too clunky unfortunately.

And unfortunately there’s no tracklist, but please get in touch if anything is of particular interest (a time-stamp would be much appreciated) and hopefully we can help.


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