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episode 210

Yo. S’up eer-burdee?

Here is the tracklist:

1. Despertar feat. Lupito by Fungitonic & The Lobers, Alzheimer:

2. I Think I Saw A Dead Person Walking Yesterday by El Senor Ciuf Ciuf, As Seen From Above:

3. Pavement by Arthur Adam:

4. 5.12. by 8m2 Stereo, Biswas EP:

5. Happy Days…Fallen Leaves… Frozen Rivers… by Aitanna77, Spring Is Coming EP:

6. The Tyranny Of Pesto (Mothboy Remix) by Si Begg, Recognise Your Own Role:

7. Theory & Praxis by Geroyche, Karl-Marx-Stadt / Lux Nigra:

8. Wig 12 by Odd Nosdom:

9. Wish We Were All Asleep by Four Man Ghost, ii:

10. JJPLVDNB by Jean Jaques Perrey & Luke Vibert:

11. Stayin Alive In The Wall by Wax Audio, Mashopolos:

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episode 209


If there’s anyone still out there then apologies for the gimungous delay in getting this episode done.

I seem to have developed an acute shyness to the microphone and despite numerous attempts to record it doesn’t seem to be going away.

So instead of continually delaying things I’ve decided to forget about the speaking bit for now and concentrate on the music, which is what it’s all about anyway.

I hope you enjoy it.


1. Mientras Las Hojas Caen by Naboo, Un Dia Sin Lluvia EP:

2. Noviembre 21, 1984 by Naboo, Un Dia Sin Lluvia EP:

3. True And False Objects by Kev Hopper, I Saw Spoombung’s Daughter Consumed By Kirby Dots:

4. Robot Love I Love You by Bike, How Is That Possible:

5. Have You Seen It by Dr. Frankenstein, The Cursed Tapes:

6. Eden by Abstract Avenue, Audio Port:

7. So Far by Curse, Wet Springtime Sessions:

8. Debbiedrone by Catalpa Catalpa, Hardoncity:

9. Adjusting To The Light by Herzog, Ocean! Be Our Blanket:

10. Jumpers (The Village Orchestra’s Anti-rave Pop Party Mix) by Izu, Polish Trouble:

11. the case_the song_the epitaph by Jopo Stereo, V O R:

12. I Could Be by Nina Hynes And The Husbands:

13. Peaches by Max Bunker Midifiles Arkestra, –]Midifile’_p’o’p’_’party[–:

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episode 208

Thanks Marlin.

All songs found at Free Music Archive.


1. Sexdrugsrocknroll by The Easton Ellises, EP Two

2. Funky Broadway Bluestreams by Regal Degal

3. Eu Vi by Maya Solovéy, Maya Solovéy, I:II

4. Welcome in the House of F.U.N. by Juanitos, Welcome in the House of F.U.N.

5. La Abeja by Very Be Careful

6. Speedbath [Graphic Recliner Mix] by Graphic Recliner

7. Old Dreams by Emphemetry

8. The Egoist by Tom Fahy, A Short Affair

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episode 207


1. Day Of The Dead by Catgut, Brought To You By The Letter Z:

2. Marbles by Quiet American, Cambodia:

3. La Viya by Rasta Simba Gynin:

4. Look by Bad Matter, Soul On Fire:

5. Compressor comma (mix 2) by Estado Avanzado, Indromina EP:

6. Audience 03 by CD-R, Aspekt / Audience / Ascent:

7. Open The Window And Let Me In by DNTEL, Tonalism:

8. Big Bad by Automatic Tasty, Sine Language:

9. Arable Boy by Countryside Alliance Crew:

10. Innocent Bones by Iron And Wine:

11. On Hold by Edith Frost, Demos:

12. Jingle Bells by Georgia & August Greenberg, Sing Songs For You And Me!:

13. Ool Lortnoc by Jimmy J & Cru-L-T:

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episode 206


1. Dubslide by Covox:

2. Dark Moon by Mr. Bizz, Space 2999:

3. All We’ve Seen by Empress:

4. Gotta Go by Captain O’ Mystery

5. Promenade by Kouhei Harada, Aktualisierung:

6. Shizuku by Le Mipris, Electronica Unplugged 2:

7. I Just Might by Neonbelle:

8. Nasty Girls by The Drews, The Sins Of Others:

9. Der Garten by Fleur Earth, Colonius Monk Collective:

10. My Way Is The Road by Mittekill:

11. A Couple Minutes With Paco by The Incognito Traveller, The Incognito Traveller EP:

12. Fused Quartz by Erratic, Activation Fields:

13. Take Me Out To Sea by Oddfellows Casino:

14. Spunk by UTM, EMC Compilation Volume 1:

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episode 205

It’s the one you’ve all been waiting for, the DJ Assault special edition.


Every track played was downloaded from DJ Assault’s label site

Go there and find treasure.


1. Sex In The Beach
2. Love The Pussy
3. Say My Name
4. Down Low
5. Weave Pulled Out
6. I See Booty
7. Heffas
8. Do It Right
9. Phat Booty
10. Club 303
11. Traxin’ 4 Beats
12. If U Were Really
13. I Say Uuuah
14. Take It In The Face
15. In Those Jeans (Remix Instrumental)
16. Let Me C U Pop
17. Ass-N-Titties
18. Freaky Wit U
19. If U Ghetto
20. Make That Booty Clap (Instrumental)
21. Piano Dub
22. No Bra, No Panties
23. Mo’ Gut Than Butt
24. Nut In Your Eye
25. Deep
26. Sweet Potato Pie
27. Work That Booty
28. Air Force Beats

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episode 204


1. Bellona by Dick Richards, Sine Fiction Vol.V) Dhalgren:

2. The Ass Goes by C.J. Pizarro, Snow Crabs:

3. As You Wish by Aqueduct:

4. Is MIDI Wonder? by Don Augusto, Fun, Love And Computers:

5. Sugalumps by Flight Of The Conchords:

6. Pile Of Gold by The Blow:

7. Greatest Clubhits From Beyond by Ronny Ragtroll, Smart Disable For All:

8. Intro by CD-R, Aspekt / Ascent:

9. Sadhammer by Kev Hopper, I Saw Spoombung’s Daughter Consumed by Kirby Dots LP:

10. Thebe by 1DERL&, Holometabolous EP:

11. One More Day Of Sorrow by Console, Alcorhythm EP:

12. The Pitfall by Norman Fairbanks, West Hollywood EP:

13. JBIM by Max Bunker Midifiles Akestra, Midifile_p’o’p’_party:

14. Adjusting To The Light by Herzog, Ocean! Be Our Blanket:

15. Wicked Cactus by Flying White Dots, Staring At The Sky:

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episode 203


1. Ether II by Faune, Ether:

2. Statique & Gloackenspiels by Darcin, Parc:

3. Bt by Johan Wieslander, Gas:

4. Polyspheric (Extract) by Gyges, Composite Massive:

5. Ici La Femme (XXX Mix) Louise Vertigo by The Lounge King, Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka – Porn Music For The Masses Vol.1:

6. Denn Da Steht’s by moNomeNtal, Ziel & Zweck (entgultige Version):

7. Honteux by Run, Recycle:

8. Plot For A Little by Camu Tao, Definitive Swim:

9. Carlos Walter Wendy Stanley, The Chap, Ghostly Swim:

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episode 202


1. What It Felt Like Pt.1 by Alex Cortex, What It Felt Like:

2. Bruce Fleetwood by Kotchy:

3. Yummy Crisps And Chocolate by Poolord, The Simple Things And Death Eggs Are Coming:

4. Essex Girl (Queen Of The Dead) by Catgut, Love & Essex:

5. All Day Long by DJ Assualt:

6. Good Citizen’s Tango by Aleksi Eeben, Music Box EP:

7. The Genocide Ball by The Robot Ate Me, On Vacation:

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episode 201


1. White Fog by Ian Novak, Autumn:

2. Flote by Ismael Pinkler, Mi Sonido EP:

3. Seven Ply by Mokira, Volume 2:

4. Fish Paste by Die Antwoord, $O$:

5. Fino Da Massa by Buguinha Dub, Vitrola Adubada:

6. Shrinz (Johannes Ahlberg Remix 2) by Amex & Kaiza:

7. We’re Gonna Spend The Night At Bill Masheen by Gideon Pure:

8. Audio I by Musica Inmobiliaria, Muin Vol. 2:

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