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episode 080

Below is the tracklist for the latest show. Its got some big hitters along with some tiny little sh*tters. I really enjoyed it. It is/was show 80 and was broadcast on 6th August 2006.


1. Pain Go Away by DaFluke, Bad Timing EP:

2. Can’t Shake by Chenard Walcker, Archisex:

3. Mouldy Old Electro by Cokernut Pigeon, Auraloffalwaffle Compilation:

4. Hello Dolly by Louis Armstrong:

5. The Cock Looks Red by ANIMAL, Cock E.S.P. – Hurts So Good (The Painful Remixes) Compilation:

6. Discopathology by Noise/Girl, Discopathology:

7. Fix Up, Look Sharp by Dizzee Rascal, Boy In Da Corner:

That is all for now. Bye.

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episode 079

Please find below the tracklisting for the magical musical mystery programme, marvin suicide. This is show number 79 and was broadcast on 30th July 2006.


1. Rosie by Dave from Chub Creek:

2. My Dubling Julia by Villa Diamante, From The Barrio:

3. The Heard World:

4. Wild Like A Tiger by Eek-A-Mouse, The Very Best Of Eek-A-Mouse:

5. I’m A Farmer by Gorse, Let The Gorse Be With You:

6. Paloma by Sidestepper:

7. Spinning On A Chair Inside A Room by He Can Jog & Terry Ubrien, Exhibition 1 Compilation:

8. I Wish I Were Twins by Jeff Healey:

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episode 078

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the tracklisting for marvin suicide show 78, broadcast on 23rd July 2006.

1. Strike You As The Enemy by About, Bongo:

2. Track 02 by Marco Lucchi, Tantra a l’usage des agnes:

3. A Large And Shining Gate by K.M. Krebs, The Light Will Fill The Darkness And Obliterate It:

4. Walking With Freddie by Little Freddie King, You Don’t Know What I Know:

5. Padded Shoulders Marathon (edit) by Dumb Dan:

6. Hard Medfart by Dennis Jr., Moody EP:

7. Theatre by Abstract Avenue, Audio Port:

8. Vision by Sinestetici and DoF, The Definition Of Imperfection:

Thank you.

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episode 077

Here is the tracklisting for this weeks show. Dig deep my friends…

1. End Of The World by Alex Pearson, WSB:

2. Ag by Jari Pitkanen, Time Exp:

3. Fast Motion by Greg Davis:

4. What Is Love by Da Fresh:

5. Aqua by Dozuki:

6. Bunny by Eiafuawn, The Modulator Hustle:

7. Gare03 by Structura, Chemin De Fer:

8. Get Up by Alan Singley, Audio Bicyclette:

Cheery bye.

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episode 076


1. Goof by Binarpilot, Defrag:

2. Rocket Keronian by eX-Girl, Endangered Species:

3. Café Sitting by Rolling Calf Sinfonette, Don’t Mind If I Do:

4. 1996 (Real Minimal Stuff) by Hannelore Klinke vs. Tobi Tobsucht:

5. The Imperial Senate by MC Chris:

6. The Force May be With You by Idmonster, The:

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episode 075


1. Reebeci by Maas, Forgotten EP:

2. Superpersuit Mode by Cuebism, Circle EP:

3. Silver by Brent Mottley, Circabrae:

4. Shadows by Burning Image, 1983 – 1987:

5. Instrumental (Sentimental Cat Version) by Lukas Nystrand:

6. Lahopa by Phonout, I Be Am EP:

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episode 074


1. Neifo Plus by Daniel Stefanik, Suite L.E.:

2. lsd-25 Gambler And The Elemental Consequence by Amboise, Raising Drug And The Disrupted Kharma:

3. Hombre Tomate by Flavia & The Motonets, El Amigo De Los Ninos:

4. Television by Howard Hello:

5. Termite Tango by -1348-, Diary Of The Plague Years:

6. Lava by Acidrain, Maridia:

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episode 073


1. Dreams Come True (Afronaught Mix) by Alison David:

2. Bernard Stringer, The 5th Podcast by Normal For Norfolk:

3. Depeche Mode Minimix by Null sleep:

4. Mr. Sunshine by Dataman, The Most Famous Heroes EP:

5. Dead Right by Psyche Origami, Is Ellipsis:

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episode 072


1. A Gigantic Spacecraft! By The Lounge King Meets Monsieur Max, Interplanetary Materials:

2. Devil Exit From Fashion by Messer Chups, Swingin’ Single:

3. The Girl From Ipanema by The Dylan Group, It’s All About (Rimshots And Faulty Wiring):

4. Falling by Twizzle, Soda Fountain:

5. Spy Perfume by Skip Heller’s Hot Seven, Two Zombies Later / Vol.1:

6. Lester Lounge by Okapi, Bah!:

7. Polyethyne Bag by Chenard Walcker, L’Ane Vetu De La Peau De Lion:

8. Lonely Dream by Chenard Walcker, Hands:

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episode 071


1. Fivebar by The Drastics, Premonition:

2. Sun Of Dubday by Victor Rice, Dub shine:

3. Dub Along The Shore by Dr. Ring-Ding & The Senior AllStars Meet Victor Rice, Pick Up The Pieces:

4. D.I.A.W. by Dub Is A Weapon:

5. Assassinator by Eek A Mouse:

6. Bauhelm Dub by Bo Marley (Disrupt Remix):

7. Arcade Addict by Disrupt, Sensi Addict:

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