episode 089

“Huzzah!” I exclaimed under my breath as I closed the door to the Resonance big-wigs’ sombre offices…

Like it or not, marvin suicide is around for a little longer, so you might as well have a quick listen and enjoy the exotic aural pleasures that have been found on the internet. Here is the tracklisting for this weeks episode.

1. Ep by Diwan Diwan, Ep EP:

2. Adios Cerata by Amparo Solea, De Tu Mirar De Sombre:

3. Kronk & Scaggs by Catalpa Catalpa, Hardoncity:

4. Holy Mount by Krystoff, Drum Source Codes Compilation:

5. Fanfarel by Emil Klotzsch, Sandkorn:

6. L.W. by Good To You (aka Lukas Nystrand), L.W. EP:

Me love you long time. Ciao.

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