episode 163

A bit of a boom-boom episode this week. If you’re not into that then I wouldn’t bother listening.

Actually, you might like the first song. The boom starts from track 2 onwards.

Here is the tracklisting complete with links to where all the songs where found:

1. Strange Pyramid, The Who Boys, The Good, The Bad And The Who Boys:

2. Fall, QiK, Absy / Fall:

3. Fall (Funzion Remix), QiK, Absy / Fall:

4. Steps For Kids (Tired Nurse Mix), Anrilov, Steps For Kids Remixed:

5. Chania, Juno6, Crete EP:

6. Despertando (Transistor Remix), Manziping, Valpo:

7. Subactive (Random Access), Frank Leicher, In Electronic We Trust Compilation Vol.1:

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