episode 171

This episode has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the 1971 film Vanishing Point. Nothing at all.

Here is the tracklisting:

1. If You’ve Got The Money (I’ve Got The Time), Merle Haggard, Roots Volume 1:

2. Colorful Revolution, The Pages, Universal Blues:

3. I Wanna Be A Drug Sniffing Dog, Lard, Pure Chewing Satisfaction:

4. Fill Me With Your Light, Clem Snide, End Of Light:
Found at SpinART records, but it no longer exists so here is the Wikipedia page.

5. Lee Harwood, Mike Seed, Goodbye July:

6. Church Service Excerpt, Testerina Primitive Baptist Church, Shall We Gather At The River:

7. The Bunting Song, Unkown (but the singer sounds a lot like Damon Albarn), Warm And Scratchy:

This episode was originally broadcast on 18th November 2008. Please visit www.marvinsuicide.org for previous shows and more information. Plus I would love it (and I really do mean that) if you were to send an e-mail to: marvin’AT’marvinsuicide.org (please replace ‘AT’ with @).

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